Copydan agreements

Producer Rights Denmark (PRD) is a member of the four Copydan organisations:

PRD licenses TV and film rights through Copydan on behalf of producers and distributors. PRD receives producers' and distributors' share of rights revenue from Copydan and is responsible for ensuring the correct individual distribution and other use of the revenue. 

PRD is represented on the boards of the Copydan organisations by PRD's administration and several PRD board members.

PRD administers the TV and film rights that producers, distributors and other holders of producers’ rights have placed with the organisation for management. These are chiefly rights comprised by the provisions of the extended collective licence set out in the Danish Act on Copyright (DAC).

Key rights areas:

  • Retransmission of film and TV content, TV in public venues and digital services like StartOver and Catch-Up (section 35 of DAC).
  • Private copying of film and TV content (sections 39-46a of DAC).
  • Copying of TV programmes by educational institutions (section 13 of DAC).
  • Reuse of DR’s and TV2’s own archive productions (section 30a of DAC).

PRD represents both Danish and foreign right holders vis-à-vis Copydan. Copydan does not exclusively represent producers, but also other holders of rights to TV and film content. This means Copydan can enter into collective agreements with users of TV and film content on behalf of all rights groups. 

Copydan concludes agreements with TV operators such as TDC, Stofa and local antenna associations that give TV operators the opportunity to offer households various TV and film packages. The present retransmission agreements typically also allow TV operators to offer households digital functionalities like StartOver and Catch-Up.

The bulk of Copydan revenue channelled through PRD comes from retransmission. A minor part of the revenue comes from the use of TV and film content in the educational sector and from copying TV and film content onto removable media. Finally, revenue also derives from the use of TV for seafarers and the military, and Copydan also licenses the commercial use of TV and film content in restaurants and bars, for example.

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Copydan Verdens TV

Copydan Verdens TV administers and handles rights in connection with the distribution of Danish and foreign TV channels.

Retransmission, basic and commercial
Revenue from Copydan Verdens TV to holders of producers’ rights relates to the retransmission of the basic channels DR, TV2’s main channel and other public service channels, as well as to the retransmission of the commercial channels TV3, Kanal 4 and 5 plus all TV2 channels except TV2’s main channel.

Retransmission accounts for the bulk of the rights revenue that PRD manages.

Digital services
Digital services such as StartOver and Catch-Up apply to all relevant channels that allow a programme or film to be replayed from the beginning. StartOver allows a programme or film to be replayed from the beginning while it is being shown on TV. Catch-Up is on-demand use of radio and TV broadcasts, a service similar to StartOver, but where a production can be viewed for a slightly longer period of time.

Last 24 Hours is on-demand use of radio and TV programmes broadcast within the past 24 hours.

NPVR (network personal video recorder) refers to the TV distributor’s recording of TV programmes, at a customer’s request, for playback to the customer.

TV in public venues
TV in public venues is a separate, minor Copydan agreement on the use of TV in restaurants, cafés, etc.

TV for the military, etc.
TV for the military, seafarers and Danes abroad, respectively, are separate, minor Copydan agreements.

Copydan Kulturplus

Copydan KulturPlus ensures that right holders are compensated for the lawful copying of music, film and TV content in Denmark for private use.

Copydan AVU-medier

Copydan AVU-medier makes audiovisual material available to Danish schools and educational institutions and others who disseminate information. The rights revenue derives from both individual and broader agreements.

Film in schools
Film in schools is a Copydan agreement on the use of feature films in educational institutions. The agreement differs from most of the other Copydan agreements in that it is an exclusive agreement concluded between Local Government Denmark and the individual rights organisations. An exclusive agreement covers only the repertoire for which a direct licensing mandate in the area has been granted.

TV programmes for educational purposes
TV programmes for educational purposes is a Copydan agreement on the recording, reproduction and streaming of TV broadcasts in educational institutions.

Copydan Arkiv

Copydan Arkiv concerns the DR Archives agreement on DR's use of its in-house productions, clips and similar.