Who can become a member of PRD?

TV and film producers as well as other individual or collective holders of producers' rights to TV, film and other audiovisual productions can become members of Producer Rights Denmark (PRD).

See article 3 of the organisation's statutes.

Producers and distributors that were members of CAB, Filmkopi or Filmret when these organisations merged on 27 June 2017 are automatically members of PRD.


Do you or your company want to apply for PRD membership?

To become a member, you must complete and sign a PRD Member's Declaration on your company’s behalf. In the declaration, state which rights your company wishes to place with PRD for management, and the territories in which PRD is to manage these rights.

If you do not have a company but hold TV and film producers' rights, you can also become a personal member of PRD. In this case, membership will be established under your civil registration (CPR) number.

Your membership will be in force once PRD has received sufficient information about your company (you) and has approved a signed Member's Declaration.

If you would like a PRD Membership Declaration form and other relevant membership material or have any questions about membership, please contact us.


Do you want to terminate a PRD membership?

Membership of PRD is terminable at six months' written notice to expire at the end of a calendar year.

If you want to terminate your company's (your) PDR membership, or if you have any questions about resignation, feel free to contact us at the administration office or write to