Portraits: Photographer Gyrithe Lemche

Louise Lykkegaard Hoppe

CEO / +45 25781138

Louise Lykkegaard Hoppe is as of 1 December 2020 the CEO of PRD. Louise is responsible for the daily management. 

Louise came from a position as Head of Legal at Copydan and has a professionel background as attorney-at-law.

Pia Ekberg

COO / +45 26738596

Pia Ekberg is the COO of PRD. 

Pia has been working with distribution of TV and film revenues for more than 10 years.

Thomas Gisselmann Søemod

Head of legal and business affairs / +45 28148363

Thomas Gisselmann Søemod is Head of legal and business affairs at PRD. 

Thomas came from a position as Head of Secretary at the Danish Artists' Union.

Martin Larsen

CFO / +45 27220427

Martin Larsen is the CFO of PRD.

Martin has been working as CFO in the tv- and film industry for more than 10 years.

Louise Kaya Martin

Executive Secretary (PA) / +45 25120099

Louise Kaya Martin is the executive secretary (personal assistant) of PRD. Louise also acts as web editor and newsletter editor and is responsible for the administration of the collective funds.

Louise has previously worked for Koda.

Louise Nielsen

Bookkeeper / +45 33862889

Louise Nielsen is the bookkeeper of PRD.

Louise is employed by the Danish Producers’ Association and thus divides her time between the Danish Producers’ Association and PRD.

Ulrik Olsen

CIO / +45 42552367

Ulrik Olsen is the CIO of PRD.

Flemming Wilton Hansen

IT administrator / +45 28352115

Flemming Wilton Hansen is the IT administrator at PRD. 

Andreas Godtfredsen

Rights holder consultant / +45 42709551

Andreas Godtfredsen is rights holder consultant at PRD. 

Henriette Ekberg Houlind

Senior process consultant / +45 42609627

Henriette Ekberg Houlind is senior process consulent at PRD. 

Maja Strandlod

Process consultant / +45 42704458

Maja Strandlod is process consultant at PRD.